As we all face the unique challenge of navigating the COVID-19 outbreak, we may encounter feelings of uncertainty and understandable anxiety. But we also find ourselves in a time of coming together—yes, even with social distancing and isolation—to focus on what we can do to support the travel industry efforts that will eventually bring us back to normalcy.  

Padddling the Clearwater Canoe Trail near Seeley Lake. Photo: Andy Austin

Here at Western Montana’s Western Montana’s Glacier Country we’re doing our best to ensure the health and safety of our community, residents and visitors. We’re monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. Montana public health agencies and the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force are actively working to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus in Montana. They have created a website with current updates and links to Department of Public Health and Human Services. This site also links to an online dashboard that provides global, national and state information resources.

If you have future group tours or meetings planned in Western Montana or have questions or concerns, our team and on-line visitor resources are fully operational and can be reached during normal business hours. You can also check for the latest Montana travel updates on COVID-19. International travel has halted for the time being, most group gatherings have been postponed and the majority of communities here in Western Montana have limited services available as we try to “flatten the curve” by working remote and practice social distancing that has been recommended. Please be advised to call hotels and local visitors bureau for information specific to locations you may plan to travel.

It’s crucial that right now we keep our spirits up. Stay positive, stay strong and stay calm. While social distancing is in order, we’re finding ways to keep moving and breathing in the fresh mountain air. We’re thankful for wide-open spaces, quietude and tranquil views. Again, just breathe.

Hiking the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. Photo: Noah Couser

We’ll emerge from this with a sense of gratitude. We’ll travel again, maybe even more than we did before. We will gather in groups and perhaps cherish face to face meetings even more. We’ve got mountains to climb and trails to explore. And we’ll get there together.

For more information and health guidance regarding COVID-19, please visit the CDC or WHO websites.

Stay well, friends. We’ll see you on the trail soon.  


March 19, 2020

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