Summer in Western Montana’s Glacier Country offers an array of opportunities to immerse your group in the great outdoors. Finding a destination that caters to everyone’s interests can be a challenge, but Whitefish Mountain Resort rises to the occasion with its diverse range of activities. Nestled above the town of Whitefish and just west of Glacier National Park, the resort has been a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts for 70 years. Conveniently located a mere 15-minute drive from downtown Whitefish, you’ll find a serene setting among breathtaking scenery.

While renowned for its skiing in the winter months, Whitefish Mountain Resort transforms into a playground for summer adventurers. Whether your group members are novices or seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone on the mountain. From exhilarating activities to leisurely pursuits, we’ve curated a menu of experiences tailored to all comfort levels. And with panoramic views that will leave everyone in awe, there’s no doubt that the mountain vistas will be a highlight for all.

No matter the age or activity preferences of your group, Whitefish Mountain Resort promises unforgettable memories. Here are five highlights of a summer getaway on the mountain:

No. 1 Zip Line Tours 

For thrill-seekers, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of zip lining. At Whitefish Mountain Resort, participants—referred to as “flyers”—get the chance to soar above the slopes on an unforgettable adventure. The two-hour tour covers more than a mile of airtime across seven different zip lines. The longest line stretches an impressive 1,900 feet—that’s over a third of a mile! Two flyers can ride side by side, reaching heights of up to 300 feet above the ground, with panoramic views of ski runs, trees and ravines below. While a moderate amount of hiking is required, the exhilaration of the experience is unmatched.

Taking in the views from the zip line tours.

No. 2 Scenic Lift Rides 

For those seeking a more leisurely experience, a ride on the scenic lift to the mountain’s summit is a must. Passengers have the option of choosing between an open chair or an enclosed gondola, both providing awe-inspiring views during the 14-minute ascent. Upon reaching the top, a panoramic vista unfolds, showcasing the Northern Rockies, the peaks of Glacier National Park and the sprawling Flathead Valley. Visitors can opt to descend via the lift or embark on a beautiful hike along the 3.8-mile Danny On Trail.

Relax in the gondola on a scenic lift to the top of the mountain. Photo: Visit Montana

No. 3 Lunch With a View 

Upon reaching the summit, whether by a scenic lift ride or by hiking along the Danny On Trail, treat yourself to lunch and a refreshing beverage at the Summit House. Situated at an elevation of 6,817 feet, the Summit House provides unparalleled views, making it one of Western Montana’s most spectacular dining spots. With three levels of indoor seating and an outdoor deck, the restaurant offers expansive windows that frame the landscape. Its summer menu caters to all tastes, featuring a variety of options such as fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, locally sourced game, classic grilled burgers and vegetarian fare.

Hike the miles of trails on the mountain. Photo: Visit Montana

No. 4 Adventure Park 

The Aerial Adventure Park is an “obstacle course in the trees” and perfect for anyone who likes a challenge. Featuring five distinct courses categorized by difficulty level, with the easiest course being lowest to the ground (between 3 and 18 feet). Participants encounter suspended bridges, cable walkways, nets, ladders, trapezes, tube traverses, zip lines and balance beams, with 12 to 13 obstacles per course. Guests navigate their chosen course at their own pace and, when finished, can move on to another course with new challenges.

Bonus: For a more low-key adventure, take a ride down the Alpine Slides. The side-by-side slides wind their way from the village area down to the Base Lodge. Ride a sled (with wheels) down dips, turns, under bridges and through a tunnel while controlling your speed with a hand brake. To get back up, hop on the Chair 6 lift.

Aerial Adventure on Whitefish Mountain Resort. Photo: Visit Montana

No. 5 Hiking for Huckleberries 

Those seeking a truly local adventure must try their hand at huckleberry picking. Huckleberries, exclusive to the forests of the northwestern United States and western Canada at elevations above 2,000 feet, thrive abundantly in our region. Take a hike—Whitefish Mountain is covered with these coveted berries, which ripen first at lower elevations, usually in mid to late July, and continue to flourish at higher altitudes well into September.

The bounty of huckleberries. Photo: Whitefish Mountain Resort

Since 1947, Whitefish Mountain Resort has welcomed visitors seeking a mountain that is uncrowded, beautiful and affordable. It is the perfect base camp for a summer visit to Montana’s majestic Flathead Valley—home to water sports, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting and, of course, Glacier National Park. For more information, call 877-SKI-FISH or visit

Happy Adventuring!


May 20, 2024

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